HUMAN CHOICES! – Oktafa Alfiansyah

Humans are often faced with various choices in their daily lives. These choices can relate to a variety of things, such as personal decisions, work, education, relationships, and more.

The decision to choose is often an integral part of the human experience. There are several factors that can influence how we make choices, including personal values, available information, past experiences, current conditions, and future hopes and goals.

When faced with a choice, some people feel confused or distressed for various reasons, such as fear of making a mistake, confusion between options, or because of the possible impact of the decision. However, it is important to remember that making choices is a natural part of life and an opportunity to learn and grow.

Humans are always faced with choices, I define the body as an entity that is shackled by rules and feelings. my daily life is always bound by rules and feelings that envelop me, my actions such as waking up, eating, studying, staying still, daydreaming and others are proof that every action will form rules and feelings.

I want to make this work through bodies that are bound by rules and feelings that shape them into human beings as they are, I want to see what rules and feelings are caused by bodies with different ways of life, beliefs, points of view, even I believe the rules and feelings will be different and shape their respective bodies including me as a human being bound by rules and feelings.

Through the medium of experimental film and I would like to see the response of bodies with different beliefs, rules of life, perspectives, ideologies, etc. and see them make their choices.

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