MANG ANG UNG – Aji Surya

The world ‘in the beginning was empty/void’

Then from there, Rama Adam and Mother Hawa were created and their descendants gave birth to the Sundanese people. The Sundanese people were created from will, thought, and power, and from these three patterns, they created humans who were grateful for nature (Water, Earth, and Stone). Humans became intermediaries between Water and Stone, possessing the mind and power to manage both. This concept of triad became humans as a uniting force yet also separating.

MANG ANG UNG will critique modernism, which has changed the meaning of traditional Sundanese life. Sundanese people no longer care for their land, no longer respect nature and its creator. They are blinded by the rationality of time, although rationality itself was created by them without considering the consequences. Forests are cleared for uninhabited concrete, rivers are polluted, and their relationships deteriorate. All of this is because of modernity!

Using a Postmodern perspective, which formally deviates from conventional forms. Experimentation with Night Vision cameras opens up opportunities for a new cinematic form. Here, light can be captured through the reflection of infrared sensors scattered, but cannot be captured by the naked eye. Therefore, the filming will entirely take place in locations with natural nighttime (dark) lighting, in which conventional lighting is no longer needed

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