WHO’S THE MACHINE – Rizkyansyah Ramadhan

Capitalism arises from artificial axioms, as Nietzsche suggested, where truth is something yet unseen. Every movement in this world is intricately arranged within the embrace of a system, a social force known as capitalism. In the flow of blood moving from the heart throughout the entire body and back, the current of capitalism has unwittingly penetrated. We move with a singular goal, money. Money itself is a capitalist-made system deemed correct, with evidence in everyone’s need for it. The role of money is an attempt to imprison desires to maintain the integrity of the capitalist order.

Production continues relentlessly to maximize profits; everything is reterritorialized without regard for circulating social codes. Similarly, in the capitalist perspective, humans are viewed as machines, both consumption and production machines. Activated every day at 7 AM and deactivated after 8 hours of operation, at this point, humans transform into machines romanticized by the term “working.” We are production machines continually generating capitalist products unknowingly, undergoing education to become capitalist machines, and ultimately meeting our end in the hands of capitalism.

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