WHO’S THE MACHINE – Rizkyansyah Ramadhan

Capitalism arises from artificial axioms, as Nietzsche suggested, where truth is something yet unseen. Every movement in this world is intricately arranged within the embrace of a system, a social force known as capitalism. In the flow of blood moving from the heart throughout the entire body and back, the current of capitalism has unwittingly […]

BONEKA BAYANGAN – Sabrina Maharani

I wonder if all children’s worlds are always fun and colorful? But what if the world of my childhood was gray? Aren’t parents supposed to be a home for their children? But there’s so many times a problem starts from home. Isn’t who we are today the result of who we were in our childhood? […]

DELINQUENCY(?) – Sultan Rizky

Bullying in school environments has become a continuous “tradition” that occurs in every generation. Child protection laws seem to favor the perpetrators rather than the victims. Perpetrators often appear shielded behind the phrase “Juvenile Delinquency”. Even though it has taken someone’s life, is that still considered juvenile delinquency?.


How can one’s life come to an end after having a child? In this experimental film, we will delve into a world adorned with threads, needles, and mundane garments, creating profound symbolism of the mother-child bond. The clothes crafted by the Mother in this film represent more than mere functionality; they become a symbolic accumulation […]


The dream world is projected by the images in the human brain, narrative and all its abstractions influenced by emotions and ambitions is a response of the human brain’s awake state.

AS A BOY’S ARENA – Belva Atsil

Benjang is a performing art that was created in Ujung Berung region, Bandung City. Initially, this art was an event of gratitude for the rice harvest by gathering with local residents, but as time goes by, Benjang is now better known as a celebration for children who have been circumcised. With all the changes in […]

TRY TO IMAGINE – Reihan Naufal

Talking about the process and freedom of a film editor who always imagines freedom in his work because he has the freedom to determine a story.

NAWA LIFE – Reza Pahlevi

Why should animals be eaten? Does the lack of an emotional connection make humans indifferent to slaughtered animals? If an emotional bond is formed between humans and animals, will people still consume animals?

I’M CONFUSED – Rizky Ridho

This work delves into the human quest for the essence of one’s life, navigating the dilemma of social issues, empathy, sympathy, the environment, morals, beliefs, and resistance. It relates to the relevance of oneself in the ever-improving or possibly deteriorating modernity. Right or wrong is a matter of different perspectives. The concept of human causality […]


Starting from the archives He left behind which became memories. Trying to record it as a child’s imagination and definition of Father to bring the meaning of Father to life without the memory of Father’s figure remaining. Apart from the archives, trying to capture the images around us and look for the meaning and relationship […]