BROKEN – Raden Arini

Heartbreak arises from a memory of the past or a profoundly sad recollection. The sorrowful events that lead to heartbreak leave an indelible mark on the memory, causing someone to feel shattered. This work serves as a vessel for expression for those experiencing heartbreak.

making art a platform for expression.

MORE THAN WORDS – Syawal Relfiandi

If life ends in exact same way, then why do you feel so different than the others? Isn’t it selfish if you broke the meaning of “uniqueness” just for yourself?

“My death for life.”

SURRENDER – Farmas Albanna

Sometimes we feel like we are always someone full of bad luck, full of failure. We blame how people perceive us, we are confused when faced with a choice, we give up very quickly. Even when we have something that is actually more than enough, we always feel lacking.

What’s wrong with this? Maybe it’s not someone else’s fault, maybe there’s something wrong with the way we think or we’re wrong in placing our body and mind where they shouldn’t be.

THE NEUTRAL – Luthfiana Azizah

Imagine birds chirping, sounds of the winds, you running through the meadow and admiring that you have a beautiful life, but suddenly you see bombs everywhere.

what would you do? just keep quiet?


Sometimes, the bad things that happen to someone are directly related to their negative ambition or greed. It’s a story about greed and ambition in a thief character who goes beyond limits, leading to negative consequences.

WHO’S THE MACHINE – Rizkyansyah Ramadhan

Capitalism arises from artificial axioms, as Nietzsche suggested, where truth is something yet unseen. Every movement in this world is intricately arranged within the embrace of a system, a social force known as capitalism. In the flow of blood moving from the heart throughout the entire body and back, the current of capitalism has unwittingly […]

BONEKA BAYANGAN – Sabrina Maharani

I wonder if all children’s worlds are always fun and colorful? But what if the world of my childhood was gray? Aren’t parents supposed to be a home for their children? But there’s so many times a problem starts from home. Isn’t who we are today the result of who we were in our childhood? […]

DELINQUENCY(?) – Sultan Rizky

Bullying in school environments has become a continuous “tradition” that occurs in every generation. Child protection laws seem to favor the perpetrators rather than the victims. Perpetrators often appear shielded behind the phrase “Juvenile Delinquency”. Even though it has taken someone’s life, is that still considered juvenile delinquency?.


How can one’s life come to an end after having a child? In this experimental film, we will delve into a world adorned with threads, needles, and mundane garments, creating profound symbolism of the mother-child bond. The clothes crafted by the Mother in this film represent more than mere functionality; they become a symbolic accumulation […]